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about ARENA

ARENA is a sports facility management system that is fully integrated and developed to manage the everyday tasks. It includes all the required features to simplify the interactions between management and clients. From member billing, class schedules, trainer registrations, to court rentals; our system will help gyms, fitness centers, and sports clubs take their business to new heights of performance and capability.


product main features


Enhanced Business Performance

Easier customer acquisition and improved cash flow.

ALL-IN-ONE Software

Arena offers an easy-to-use responsive interface to simplify the work in all kinds of departments.

Easy To Use

Arena offers an easy–to–use interface to simplify the user work in all kinds of departments.

Enhanced Efficiency

Arena System helps users complete all kinds of tasks effectively.

Process Automation

Arena simplifies users work by automating the daily time-consuming tasks.

Integration with Accounting, Electronic Gates, and Other Systems

In order to prevent repetitive tasks and schedules-mistakes Arena’s systems are all integrated.


Classes Management

Users are able to assign coaches, set the classes’ schedules, reserve seats for clients in classes, and track the classes’ attendees.

Membership Management Module

The membership management module of ARENA enables you to track and manage all the membership activities of your clients.

Private Trainers (PT)

The private trainers module allows users to manage the coaches’ profiles, set packages for the private sessions, and check calendar to track the customers’ sessions.


The gym system generates all kinds of reports from Cash Drawers to Class Attendance reports.


A customizable dashboard based on business KPIs and includes the most used features of the fitness center.

Locker Management

The locker management module allows to manage and track the lockers rentals and availabilities.



The area reservation module allows users to check the available areas (courts, studios, pools …) and assign the activities that can be held in each area.

Calendar Reservations

Users are able to, set payments, issue invoices, issue permission slips and manage recurrent reservations


The system is able to manage the contracts between the clients and the fitness centers concerning the reservation packages.


The area reservation module generates reports such as reservation and sales reports


Member Profile

The member profile section allows users to manage members’ profiles by creating new profiles or accessing existing profiles.


Users can create coaches’ profiles and manage the personal information, costs per sessions, coaches’ schedules, and issue the overall report for each coach.


This module enables users to manage classes by setting the areas/courts of which each class is held in and the schedule of classes and the trainers.

Attendance Management

At any time, coaches can track the attendance of all their classes from any device (tablets, smartphones…).


The camps module enables users to create and edit the camps held in the centers by setting the programs, offers, services, cost, and the age groups.


The academy system generates reports such as members reports, class attendance reports and sales Reports

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